Crystals Can Transform Your Life

I am finding that the more I work with crystals, the more shifts are taking place within me and around me.
Most recently my heart chakra seems to be bursting open with love, gratitude, and joy after a period of mourning, loss and perceived lack.
And ya know I just realized it wasn’t just “suddenly”, there are always a series of gradual shifts and then one day, you look around you and say, huh, when did this happen? That is the beauty of the subtle transformation that can take place when working with the energies of crystals, gifts from Mother Earth.
I believe that what started these shifts began during a meditation I facilitated last year with Rose Quartz. Before we began the meditation I built a huge rose quartz grid and the pink ray totally infused the room with loving energy. All year I have been doing various grids around love and abundance. The small shifts have accumulated into a larger shift, particularly around my heart chakra.
                         Valentine’s Day Grid

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