Crystal Uses For Every Area of Our Daily Life

There are limitless ways to incorporate crystals into your life. As a Taurus  the visuals, textures and energies in my surroundings are important to me, so I think I have found just about every way to incorporate these gifts from mother nature into my daily living that enhance my over all well being.

Let’s start with that a way to carry the energies of the crystals with you throughout your day. Wear them! I wear gemstone, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings on a daily basis. I also have been known to tuck a tumbled stone into a pocket or my bra.


Another way to carry the energies of crystals with you throughout your day is to create a little pouch filled with crystals. It can be as simple as placing one stone or a grouping of stones that represent something to you in a small pouch or jewelry bag. and place in your bag, attache case or pocket. I have several pouches that I carry with me. One has a grouping of citrine gemstones that represent sunshine, happiness and abundance in all forms. I added the rosebud just because I love roses they make my heart sing.


Another pouch that I carry with me has is a piece tumbled light blue angelite to soothe and calm me and a tumbled green grossularite garnet that is a grounding stone and is considered a stone of health. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. You could add an affirmation, essential oils or other token items that have meaning for you.


You could also create pouches for specific purposes, like love, abundance,          healing, or calming.

Elixirs are another way to enjoy the energy of the crystals. For this post I am going to give you a real simple way to do that. Just pop a tumbled stone into your drinking water. Simple as that! Ha. You can also place the stones in water and let them sit in the refrigerator over night to have ready for the next day. If you want to dive into making gem elixirs, there are numerous books on the topic and on line resources. Note: Clean tumbled stones are the best for this method and make sure to check for toxic minerals, which obviously you would not want to use.

Above is what I have been using most recently. It is a combination of rose quartz and blue lace agate to calm, soothe and open the heart and throat chakras. I have also been known to keep a large tumbled rose quartz crystal in the bottom of my Brita water pitcher.

At the bottom of this post I have a free downloadable gift for you so be sure to click on it.

Speaking of water, a crystal bath is divine. It can be as simple as placing a few tumbled stones in your bath water. You can include soothing music, candles, flowers and essential oils if you would like. A bath is a nice way to create your own me time ritual. I like to create an Epsom salt blend with crystals, essential oils and dried flowers. You can prepare your own blend in advance and place it in a jar to have ready for when the mood strikes for a nice soak. It also makes for nice DYI gifting.

If you are not a bath person you can place tumbled stones in a cotton bag or pouch and hang from your shower head and let the energies of the crystals wash over you.

Bed time is a time to unwind and and let the thoughts and activities of the day go. You can keep a crystal or selection of crystals on your nightstand to aid in peaceful sleep. On my nightstand I have rose quartz, an amethyst cluster and rhodochrosite. There have been periods of time where I kept celestite, aka celestine on my night stand for peaceful sleep and to connect with my angel guides.

You can also tuck a tumbled stone under your pillow. A few other stones that aid in a peaceful and restful sleep are sodolite, moonstone, lepidolite,  and howlite.

Altars. You can create a seasonal altar like the one pictured below for spring. You can create altars for healing, love, or a specific intention. They can be as simple as placing a grouping of crystals together like I did for my nightstand or have a few more elements like I used in my spring altar. In the spring altar I added egg shapes to symbolize fertility and rebirth, a bunny rabbit, a chakra balancing wand that I made (shown to the left of the salt lamp) for balance, a card from my mom and a photo of a nest which reminded me of all the things being birthed in the spring. Incorporating items to represent the elements, earth, air, fire and water, photos, flowers , shells , candles and more are additional options. There are limitless resources for creating altars and I may just need to create a blog post on this topic in the near future.

                                                                           Spring altar

An energizing room spray is a wonderful way to freshen up any space. I have been know to use these sprays as a liquid smudge by misting myself with them. I would suggest using spring water (in a pinch I have used tap water) and a glass bottle (if you are adding essential oils, you will need to use a glass container). You can add crystal chips or small tumbled stones that will fit through the opening of the bottle. A blend of 1-3 essential oils can be added to the mix. More than 3 essential oils tends to be over load.


                                                                                     Green aventurine chips


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lemon, tangerine or orange essential oils are uplifting and work well with citrine or carnelian.

Lavender essential oil with amethyst is a peaceful combination.

Green aventurine with a balsam essential oil and a hint of clove is a nice earthy blend. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

My gift to you is a downloadable and printable document on tips for cleansing and connecting with crystals. Click on the link below:

Cleansing & Connecting with Crystals

I hope that you enjoyed these tips for using crystals in your daily living. There are so many options that you can create. Have fun and enjoy the process.

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