Crystals Have Been Transforming My Life

Crystals have been transforming my life one crystal and one shift at a time.

As with all change, it doesn’t usually occur with one BIG shift. It is usually a series of smaller, subtle shifts that accumulate over time. That is part of the beauty of working with crystals, a subtle transformation takes place when working with the energies of crystals.

Everything on this planet has an energetic frequency and so do crystals. The crystal structure, geometric pattern, mineral inclusions, and the properties of those minerals all create the energetic frequency of a crystal or mineral.


For example, lepidolite is a potassium lithium aluminum silicate, key word lithium. Lithium has calming properties. Lepidolite aids in healing traumatic events. During times of stress and anxiety I will wear or meditate with lepidolite for its calming properties.

I had gone through a period of mourning, loss and perceived lack. I worked with several different crystal grids and set the intention to heal past trauma and to facilitate heart chakra healing.

It felt like one day I woke up and I felt that my heart was bursting open, gushing with love, gratitude, and joy. How and when did this happen? Oh, yeah, I had been working with crystal grids for this purpose and bam!

One of the heart healing grids I created was the grid below. I placed a quartz pillar in the center surrounded by tumbled rose quartz, almandine garnet, pyrite chunks, pink tourmaline, and additional quartz points to amplify the energy of the other grid stones.

                         Valentine’s Day Grid

I also held a workshop on working with clear quartz. We discussed how to program quartz, ways to mediate with it, how to set up a grid and set our intentions, how to make a gem elixir and did a guided meditation. Days after the workshop I felt yet another shift. The workshop seemed to amp up the volume on all the other work I was doing at home on a daily basis.

                                            Quartz Workshop

I recently came across an Osho quote, “Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.”

When I read it, tears of joy ran down my cheeks. I was full of gratitude for the ability to shift back to the one truth, love and an opening of my heart.

I am continuing down my path of working with crystals that includes creating various grids with different combinations of quartz, rose quartz, garnet, citrine, peridot, and pyrite. I have also incorporated a placing a tumbled rose quartz and a tumbled blue lace agate into my drinking water for their soothing effects. Note that both crystals are non-toxic and before making a gem elixir do your homework on what is toxic. I tuck tumbled stones like rose quartz, lepidolite and rhodochrosite into my clothing and wear crystal gemstone jewelry. I keep amethyst, sodalite and rose quartz on one night stand and celestite on the other. During my morning meditation I will often have a crystal to hold.

One day I came up with the combination of manganoan calcite (pink calcite), quartz and green fuchsite. The result was this little kit that I sell in my Etsy shop. I call it Healing Heart Set.

                           Healing Heart Kit

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If there were one crystal that I would recommend for you to start your crystal healing journey, it would be quartz. It is a “Master Healer” that harmonizes and aligns all the chakras. It has the ability to absorb, store, release and regulate energy and can be easily programmed with your intentions.

Wishing you sweet blessings on your journey.



With love,

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