Crystals Can Transform Your Life

I am finding that the more I work with crystals, the more shifts are taking place within me and around me.
Most recently my heart chakra seems to be bursting open with love, gratitude, and joy after a period of mourning, loss and perceived lack.
And ya know I just realized it wasn’t just “suddenly”, there are always a series of gradual shifts and then one day, you look around you and say, huh, when did this happen? That is the beauty of the subtle transformation that can take place when working with the energies of crystals, gifts from Mother Earth.

I believe that what started these shifts began during a meditation I facilitated last year with Rose Quartz. Before we began the meditation I built a huge rose quartz grid and the pink ray totally infused the room with loving energy. All year I have been doing various grids around love and abundance. The small shifts have accumulated into a larger shift, particularly around my heart chakra.
                         Valentine’s Day Grid

Soon after I held a workshop on working with clear quartz, how to program quartz, mediate with it, send out our intentions and more, which just seemed to amp up the volume on all the other work.
                                            Quartz Workshop
This year I came across a saying Osho posted , “Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.”
When I read it, tears of joy ran down my cheeks. The tears were a release and I was full of gratitude for the ability to shift back to the one true, universal state of being, love.
I am continuing down my path of working with crystals and it includes creating various grids with different combinations of quartz, rose quartz, garnet, citrine, peridot, and pyrite and also simply sitting with and and holding a stone and feeling the flow and listening for messages that I may I receive. I was working with manganoan calcite (pink calcite) and quartz and was drawn to add green fuchsite to the mix, this is the little kit that resulted:
                           Healing Heart Kit

Click Here For Healing Heart Set

 I am a firm believer that you can never have enough rose quartz that has a gentle, nurturing love or clear quartz that is the “Master Healer” that can be easily programmed and amplifies the energy of other crystals and minerals.

I could go and on and perhaps this will morph into a future blogs about making grids and doing meditations with crystals.
Just wanted to put up a quick post today especially, the day after our 2016 elections to say that with love all things are possible.
I beseech you to take a few moments each day to just be with your crystals , take in a few cleansing breaths and send love to yourself and out to the universe.


                 Rose Quartz Palm Stone Set                                  Click Here For Rose Quartz Palm Stone


Crystal Blessings,


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