Apophyllite and gyrolite grow together and are part of the zeolite family. They work together synergistically both visually and energetically.

Gyrolite works well with other stones as it cleanses and activates them. It clears the aura like a little scrub brush and connects your physical body to your auric field. This crystal also links the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras together.
         Photo from Mindat.org
The sparkling gyrolite clusters remind me of miniature glistening snowballs. The name gyrolite is from the Greek word gyros meaning, “circle”, as it forms in little circular nodules. It is considered an “uncommon” mineral, it can be white, colorless or brown and fluoresces under long and short wave UV light.
It is also known as Centrallasite, Glimmer Zeolite, and Gurolite and is considered a rare silicate mineral.


Gryrolite was first discovered in Scotland, at The Storr on the island of Sykes in 1851. Other localities for gyrolite include Poona, India, Northern Ireland, Italy, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Canada, and the western USA.


Crystal System: Triclinic
Mohs hardness: 2.5
Chakra association: Third Eye and Crown
Element: not sure yet, thinking Wind Element


Apophyllite is known as a stone of attunement, creating a conscious connection between the physical form & the spiritual realms.

Apophyllite crystals have a mirror like effect that allows light to reflect off of them. Apophyllite is often mistaken for quartz due to its translucence and similar crystal shape. Though, both have different crystal structures, quartz is 6 sided while apophyllite is 8 sided.


The name apophyllite, stems from the Greek Apo, meaning “detached” or “off” and phyllon, or “leaf”, and translates roughly as “to leaf apart”, a reference to its tendency to separate along cleavage planes into thin sheets when heated.


Crystal System: tetragonal
Mohs hardness: 4.5-5.0
Chakra association: crown and third eye
Element: wind, earth


The pieces that I have obtained of apophyllite and gyrolite are from the Mumbai District in Maharashtra, India.

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