My Animal Totems, Owl And Raven

The owl is one of my animal totems and I wanted to share some of her gifts with you. Ancient, wise one, the owl spirit sees through the veils of illusion. She whispers in your ear that which you need to know. Wisdom, intuition and magic are afoot when the owl appears to you.

                                                   A SoulCollage card I made for my owl totem

Many associate the owl with an announcement of death, I think of its message as a shift of energy or possibly of transition and transformation on a soul-level. Whenever I see or feel my owl totem I pause to listen for messages.

Like one of my favorite minerals, labradorite, as the veils of our thoughts and emotions are lifted we can intuit the answers we seek. I like to partner labradorite, black tourmaline or black obsidian when working with my owl totem. When wanted time to reflect, I  light a candle,be still and listen.

If you too connect with the owl as your totem or spirit animal, listen to the subtle messages you receive around you, it just may be the owl’s whisperings.

The raven is another animal totem of mine. The enchanting raven is strong medicine energy.

Ravens have been considered “Oracles” by many cultures and are also known as “the black winged messenger from beyond.” Maybe I am drawn to the raven in part due to my Nordic heritage and connection to their Gods and Goddesses. Odin is a Norse God that was accompanied by two ravens at all times, Hugin and Mugin. Hugin represented thought and wisdom and Mugin represented our ability to use our intuition.
Working with raven energy I find that veils are lifted, allowing my intuition to guide me. This is often when I need to do some healing work, be it physical or emotional. I gather crystals, essential oils, herbs, flowers and other gifts from Mother nature for this work.

                                            A SoulCollage card that I made for my Raven totem.

On the back of the card I have written ” Each woman carries within her the medicine for her healing. Sometimes it is hard to see and feel the one who holds the medicine bag. She is there. We must never stop listening for her arrivals. Shh… gently she comes bringing what is now needed. Believe…” Unknown author.

Always honor your intuition, “gut feeling”, it will guide you well.

The ancient Greeks considered the raven to be a solar animal that was associated with Athena and Apollo who are both deities of wisdom. In Native American culture the raven is a symbol of change and transformation. They are honored among many medicine and holy people for their shape-shifting qualities and are called upon in ritual to clarify visions. There is a knowing that goes beyond what the human eye can discern in the physical realm.

Ravens have accompanied humans around for centuries, following their wagons, sleds, sleighs, and hunting parties. They are considered among the smartest of all birds, are excellent fliers on par with falcons and hawks and are well known for their hunting skills.A keeper of secrets and a bearer of magic, they carry on their midnight black wings messages from the cosmos. So if one appears and you, listen and see what message or inner knowing is revealed to you.
These animal totems have become great loves and guides.

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